Testimonials from some of my past pupils

I started lessons again,13 years since my last test. A lot of my driving was pretty old school but Chris was patient and a great teacher. Chris is very experienced and clearly has a great deal of knowledge about driving, which he shares with students. Chris is also good for a laugh and some banter too, which really put me at ease! I am so pleased that I have finally passed and I'm ready to start using my new found freedom! Thanks Chris!

Chris was a great driving instructor. Right from the start Chris was very easy to get along with and very patient through out every lesson. If I had any questions or found that I needed to go over something again Chris was more than happy to do so and give me extra advice. At the end of every lesson we’d go over the positives and areas of improvement so that I was able to keep on improving each week. The lessons were very structured with the LDC system so I found that I knew what I was going to be doing for each lesson. With the addition of extra resources such as videos and a book, I was able to either watch a video/read up on what I would be doing for the next lesson, which enabled me to have that extra bit of confidence going into the lesson and with what I would be doing. I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone who’s looking for a great driving instructor with reasonable prices!

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! I was always made to feel confident behind the wheel and considering I was a heavily pregnant hormonal mess, he made me feel like I was doing well all the time! A really likable instructor that doesn't take himself too seriously is exactly what I needed! Couldn't have done it without this geezer! ‪#‎lemonsqueezer‬ 🍋 👌 🏼

I could not have asked for a better driving instructor with brilliant teaching methods using the LDC method. Throughout my driving lessons Chris has always been patient with me, despite being very nervous. I always had fun during our driving lessons, while learning key skills to keep with me throughout all my years of driving that are ahead of me. I couldn't have done it without Chris, he's always believed in my abilities and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I would recommend him to anyone and I can't thank him enough.

Don't think I could have asked for more from Chris. All the way through the process I felt safe, supported and felt very comfortable every time I got in the car. Every lesson he increased my confidence and was always very reliable. I used the LDC programme throughout my driving and felt like that helped me understand the stepping stones of the basics, the videos assisted me through the early stages of my driving and felt like if I didn't take the time to watch them I would have struggled to comprehend. I can't thank him enough for supporting me through the process and would recommend him to anyone who wants to start driving. Top man, cheers Chris.

In order to get the job I wanted it was written into my contract that I had to get my drivers licence by the end of January, giving me around three months to learn with no previous experience. I chose to learn with Chris because I saw how many people has succeeded with him, and I really liked the LDC system where I could watch the video tutorials and use the workbook in between lessons. It didn't take long for me to relax and Chris's sense of humour kept me from getting too nervous, and whenever I made mistakes we went though it together so that I learnt from them. I definitely felt the pressure of having such a tight deadline but Chris understood that and made enough time for me, working with both of our busy schedules, meaning that I passed first time just a couple of days before Christmas! I now feel safe and confident on the road and would definitely recommend Chris to anyone.

Ollie McNameeOllie McNamee
Passed First time
The lessons were very educating and enjoyable and I felt comfortable when I got into the car which is essential. I used the LDC system throughout my lessons and felt the way the lessons are set out is the best way to learn. We went step by step and I felt I learnt a lot quicker that way. Chris always explained what we were going to do during the lesson in detail and always gave clear instructions too. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone because he is patient and I felt I could have a chat aswell.

Having Chris as my driving instructor worked out very well for myself. He's a very good teacher. With myself being employed in the Navy at short notice my schedule can change and Chris is good at understanding the demands around work and tailoring the lessons to suit the person learning. My driving worked out very well under his tutelage and I was able to pass my test first time. He also has a relaxed personality and understands the different speeds at which people learn at. All in all a joy to have as an instructor.

What a great driving instructor! Chris is a calm, patient and a considerate instructor. I was a very nervous learner and now I'm proud say that with Chris' support I'm now a qualified driver. I would recommend Chris to anyone. Many thanks x BEEP BEEP

Over the period of time I've been learning to drive, I've been quite nervous and panicky yet Chris has always been patient and clear on what I needed to do which is very helpful. Although my nerves didn't allow me to pass first time, Chris didn't give up on me and I carried on having lessons that were both instructive and very informative, making my experience one that I can carry on with me now I've passed and have my own car! I would recommend Chris fully and without doubt because he never gives up and is professional yet you can have a laugh and feel comfortable. Thanks so much!

From my very 1st lesson to the very last I felt comfortable and at ease with learning to drive with chris. He is an amazing instructor with a wicked sense of humour. He has the patience of a saint and I couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

Chris is a great driving instructor! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good driving instructor. His personality and commitment helped me pass my driving test as he knew exactly what I had to work on and what my weak points were. Now I feel more confident while driving.

I would highly recommend to anyone, made my lessons enjoyable and help me to become confident behind the wheel, he is patient and encouraging at all times while Instructing.

Having recently passed my test, I would highly recommend Chris as a driving instructor. He is very patient, and really encouraging and gave me confidence that I could drive and pass the test. He highlighted the areas that I needed to improve on and helped me think about how I was going to develop my driving skills. I enjoyed my lessons with Chris and looked forward to them. A big thank you for getting me through the test!

I'm so glad that I chose to learn to drive with Chris. On my first lesson I was extremely nervous but he reassured me and helped me become a confident driver and pass within 3 months of learning. He has a lot of patience and the learner's best interests at heart. Thanks to the way he teaches his lessons, I learnt to drive safely and confidently, and would DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone that is considering learning to drive.

Chris was by far a excellent driving instructor, his patience, friendliness and all round teaching method made learning with him enjoyable. I had a previous driving instructor that made me feel uncomfortable and on edge but Chris made me feel relaxed in the car making learning a whole lot easier. I would recommend Chris to anyone, so much so I have passed on his name to all my friends and family members looking to learn to drive. I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons together and kinda wish they could continue... if they was free of course, thank you Chris!

Thanks to Chris I passed my test second time in just under 4-months! Chris is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor, and I am so glad that I chose him! Not only is Chris an exceptional teacher, but he is kind, patient, professional, supportive and hilarious! I looked forward to every lesson with Chris, he took me from being an extremely nervous driver, to a confident and competent driver. Every lesson I felt calm and relaxed enough to ask the most ridiculously stupid questions and know that Chris would always make me feel reassured! If I didn't quite grasp something, (which was most things) Chris took the time to go over everything in every teaching form possible until I felt confident.

Nothing was ever too much trouble, he put himself out for me on a lot of occasions, he always went above and beyond in order to build my confidence. He even went for a drive in my own car after passing my test in order to support me when my confidence was at its lowest. Chris has continued to give me support and guidance to the point where I am now confident in commuting between Plymouth and Bristol. I literally couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor.

I have and will continue to promote and recommend Chris to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Thank you Chris.

After doing a few lessons in the past with other instructors, I didn't seem to be evolving as a driver. After leaving it a while I contacted Chris and started up again. Instantly I was filled with confidence as Chris was honest and straight to the point about what I had to work on and how best to achieve it. He put together a great plan and perfect time line. With support while in the car being backed up by regular info in emails and attachments, I was soon well on the road to success. Passing my test in less than 6 weeks was a great achievement for me and I owe this totally to the support and ease of lessons with Chris. Not only that, he is a great chap and really made me feel at ease while driving. Couldn't suggest him more! Look forward to passing you and other learners on the roads Chris!

Well learning to drive with Chris has been really good. He was always calm and never got frustrated if you did something wrong lol. He is a really easy person to get on with and I found that a massive help whilst I was learning to drive! and thanks to him I passed first time!! Thanks for everything Chris my life has changed dramatically from now.

Learn't to drive with Chris after having to take a year off from lessons. He was an excellent teacher, a nice bloke and lessons were very affordable. I passed my test with only 2 minors and would recommend him to anyone , and have already !!!

I found Chris a very enthusiastic and patient instructor. He was always highly motivated and excited to try new techniques that would help me with some manoeuvres as I was quite a tricky customer and never grasped the status quo. But that was just me. No matter how forgetful I was of the most basic of things, Chris always took it with humour which made me feel at ease. I took ten lessons with Chris after not doing driving lessons for six years and I passed first time. I think this is true testimony to the efforts and level of instruction that he provides for his pupils. Even though I always lacked confidence and faith in my own abilities, Chris' s belief in my abilities never wavered, no matter what silly mistakes I made in my lessons. Each lesson was a new leaf and new experience and each lesson I thoroughly enjoyed and always learnt something new. I would highly recommend to anyone.

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Chris. He was very easy to get on with and he put me at ease right from the start. The lessons were great and he gave good feedback and constructive criticism when needed. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!

Learning with Chris is very easy as he is a natural teacher and extremely patient and thorough. With him I passed 1st time with no faults. I would thoroughly recommend using him.

I found Chris to be friendly and patient, which made it easy to relax and to focus on learning to drive. He had a very good teaching method which was easy to follow and I found I absorbed what I was being taught a lot quicker than I would have usually. I would definitely recommend Chris to anybody looking for a driving instructor!

Thank you to Chris who helped me go from a nervous driver who feared most scenarios on the road to feeling confident enough in my ability to go for my test and see it as just another drive around town. This in 30 hours of lessons, in 12 weeks and I passed first time. I have used several instructors (5 to be exact) before and not got on with many of them, Chris has a very clear view of driving, you learn by doing. Whenever I made a mistake in my early lessons, 'we would pull over in a safe and convenient place' and talk through what I had done, driving became second nature and would recommend Chris to anybody wanting to learn to drive. Good luck to all those learning to drive now.

Cannot thank you enough, you really were a great instructor, patient, supportive and knowledgeable. I looked forward to each lesson as you are not only a great instructor but a great person too, it was a pleasure getting to know you. Since passing my test a couple of weeks ago I've been on the road feeling totally safe and confident as a result of your tuition, I have already recommended you to several people and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks Chris for stepping in at the last possible minute and then finally getting me through my test.

Gemma Gemma

Enjoyed driving with Chris, at first I was unsure of what gears were,but with Chris's patients and instructional skills my confidence grew quickly and I never thought I'd pass as soon as I did.

Chris is a very good instructor, very enjoyable lessons and taught me in lovely and very good way. Will recommend him to everyone, would like to say a big thank you for everything. He is always happy and smiling.

Started the lessons with no confidence and Chris really helped to build it up . He made me feel comfortable with his friendly attitude, which made learning fun and easy. Really would recommend to anyone.

Thanks Chris for all of your help getting me through my driving test, you managed to iron out several of my bad habits that had not been addressed by previous instructors. Still can't believe I only got one minor! Didn't see that coming 5 weeks ago! You created an ideal learning environment with a patient and professional approach, Cheers.

Manish Soni
I highly recommend Chris as a driving instructor for passing the practical driving test.

I had booked my lessons through LDC and met Chris. I settled down very quickly and felt comfortable with his style after the initial lesson. He is very punctual and flexible and gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to do and instructed me accordingly. He picked up my flaws and emphasised until I felt confident. He made my manoeuvres perfect for passing the test and the car which he uses is the right size for taking the test. He did not force me to do any more classes when I felt I was ready for the test. I passed my test with 3 minors. Within days of passing my test, I have found myself driving confidently on roads, roundabouts, A roads all thanks to Chris.

To conclude I will say that instead of changing instructor if you continue with one whom rapport is built then time is not wasted and training gets better with each lesson.

I wish him all the best.